What We Do

As Creative Communicators, at Elucidate we help brands define their messaging, cut through the noise, and deliver impactful PR campaigns, achieving optimum results. 



Public relations has evolved over the years, meaning a bespoke approach is crucial if you want to make your mark. 
Our strategic approach will build your brand’s reputation, increase awareness, and create thought leaders out of your key spokespeople.


Thought Leadership builds credibility and trust in a brand. Our strategic approach will build on your brand’s reputation, increase awareness, and create thought leaders out of your key spokespeople. We want to showcase your leadership team’s expertise, providing insightful content to reach your target audience.


Whether it be small, intimate events with key stakeholders, press events with target media, or large-scale celebrations, we are here to guide and manage every step of the way – from ideation to execution, pre-post- and during, we will manage the entire process.  


Effective communication during a crisis is crucial. Timely, quality communication is needed to protect your brand and minimise the crisis at hand. We will work with your team to ensure a seamless response to the crisis is developed and executed in a professional and efficient manner. 

Key messages & Narrative 

Defining a brand’s key message and ensuring the narrative is air-tight is where we come in. Our in-depth narrative and messaging development sessions will ensure alignment across the company, in-turn streamlining how you deliver your company’s overall objectives, unique value proposition, and company vision.

Social Media

Enhancing your brand's social media presence takes time, strategy and creativity. Having a consistent presence on social media is a key component of building brand awareness. Elucidate will streamline your approach to social media, keeping front of mind with your stakeholders, showcasing the strength of your business and team in the industry you operate.

Content Creation

Our multi-channel approach to content is what helps bring your brand to life. The art of storytelling is what will make your brand stand out in a crowded media landscape, whether that be in traditional press, digital, or social platforms. That’s where we can help.


Having strong, genuine, and trustworthy relationships with the media is of utmost importance when striving to build brand credibility and authenticity. At Elucidate we know what resonates with the media and are experts at crafting authentic stories. 


Ensuring that your key spokesperson is able to articulate your key messages in an engaging and professional manner is critical. Our bespoke approach to media training will allow your spokesperson to feel confident during a media interview, granting them to conduct a proficient television, radio, online or print media interview.